Phase II of my Virtual Training Program is up and running. Along with 160+ video demos, you can now keep a food journal and track your calories.

Unlike other online personal training programs, when you purchase virtual training from me, I’ll be your trainer. This not a software program that automatically generates a “workout of the week” or emails you a “tip of the day” based on a questionnaire you fill out. I’ll be the one talking to you over the phone, designing your workouts, and reviewing your food journal.
The cost is $149 for 4 weeks of virtual training.

This includes:

– Three 30-minute phone consultations OR Skype workouts OR a combination of the two. This is the time we’ll discuss your fitness goals, go over your diet, and design an exercise program that’s right for you.
– Weekly emails from me giving you tips, answering questions and staying accountable.
– My monthly newsletter, HealthBuzz, which includes healthy recipes, nutrition and fitness articles, and new products.
– Access to my video library and stretching pics (coming soon!) each with a written description.

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