How do you motivate yourself to go for a walk? To prepare dinners for the week? To get up from your desk and move around? The answer is your health and fitness goals. One of the secrets to successfully achieving your goals is to make them personal and specific. Let me give you an example. A weak goal simply states “I want to lose weight.” It doesn’t say how much weight, by what date, or why. So let’s make that goal statement stronger. “It’s March 15th and I feel great. I’ve lost 10 pounds and two dress/pant sizes. I am excited by who I see in the mirror. My energy is higher, and I have learned skills not only to keep the weight off but to get in even better shape. I love being able to play with my kids and chase my spouse around the house.” How does that sound? There’s feeling and emotion in it. That’s what’s going to get you off of the couch.

In addition to your health and fitness goals, it’s important to identify outside motivators. For example, my job as a Personal Trainer motivates me to stay in shape. I need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. My title alone won’t give me credibility.

My children also keep me fit. They watch and help me prepare meals. When we go the park, they ask me to play with them or swing from the monkey bars. We even exercise together in my fitness studio. — they like to balance on the BOSU, jump rope, and do stretches. As my dad says “Kids keep you on your toes.” I guess that’s why my dad is in good shape too.