Using a variety of exercise equipment is a great way to reduce boredom, add creativity, increase adherence, and have more fun and effective workouts. Knee raises, for example, is an awesome exercise but you’re only hitting specific muscle groups in one plane of motion. Keep your body “guessing” by doing different movements. Twists, curls, turns, crunches, etc. The Ab Wheel is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Even though it’s under $15, the ab wheel is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for working your core. It’s the one that I get the most looks from my clients when I bring it out. It’s the “Really, Eric? I hate this exercise even though I know it’s good for me” look. You work your arms, back, chest and abs. Note: this is one of the more advanced ab exercises. When first starting, be sure to roll out only a few inches. Then with each repetition, go out an additional inch. The SECRET is to go as far as you can while keeping a pelvic tilt. That’s the secret to making it super effective and protecting your low back. Just roll with it!