I have been a fan of Ninja Warrior for several years. It’s more than a one-day four-stage obstacle course; in my opinion, it’s the ultimate test of strength, agility, athleticism and endurance. Over the years it has attracted world-class athletes, Olympians, and everyday people. I’ve seen painters, firefighters, students, models, comedians and even a fisherman. Some of the competitors are so dedicated that they’ve built obstacle courses in their backyards and garages. One guy even practiced in his closet. Now that’s utilizing a small space.

The video below highlights Makoto Nagano, one my favorite Ninja Warriors. Why? He has competed over 20 times and has completed all four courses only once. Now that’s dedication. Granted he is the 2nd of only 3 victors in 27 competitions. Also he’s 40 years old. . . no spring chicken. However, you can see all the years of experience as he moves through the obstacles. Enjoy!