There is something about food presentation that makes us enjoy the meal more. It appeals to our senses. We look at it differently. For example, when I drink coffee from a fancy cup, it tastes better. When I eat a homemade stir-fry with chopsticks, it tastes more authentic. There are great examples of this in the book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Thank We Think, that I posted on February 13. Making food fun is a great way to get us to eat our veggies. And Heather is the master of this with her Dragon Vegetable Platter.

Description and Ingredients
The dragon body is made of celery, and it’s eye is a round slice of purple carrot. It is walking on a lawn of green peppers with Easter Egg radish flowers. By his tail is a broccoli tree. Purple carrots fill in the dark sky by his head. The fire is made of layered slices of carrots with red, orange and yellow sweet peppers on top.