How do you improve in your chosen sport or athletic endeavor? You practice, practice, practice. 100 lay-ups, 100 backhands, 100 passes. There are also numerous drills to simulate how you jump, pivot, shuttle, turn, twist, reach and tuck on the court or field. So if you’re looking to get faster, improve coordination and up your conditioning try these three drills.

Hi March
From a standing position, lift and extend one leg in front of you. At the same time touch the top of your foot with the opposite hand. Lower leg and arm and repeat with other side.

Plyo Box Jumps
Stand facing plyometric box or high step with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. 
Lower body into a semi-squat position, bring elbows back, and immediately jump up onto box. Arms come up and feet should land softly on box. Step or jump back down and repeat. Be sure to use arms to help movement. Exhale as you jump up.

Sprint and Backpedal
Start in a 3-point stance. Sprint 5 yards (or selected distance) to first cone, touch with one hand, then backpedal diagonally to second cone.