Back in California I trained primarily out of one gym, but I worked out at several gyms. Some were giant warehouses downtown and others were glass buildings facing the beach. Some had top-of-the-line equipment and others had second-hand machines. Even when I was in college I would rotate locations. Why? I felt I needed a change of scenery. Otherwise, my workouts eventually seemed stale and redundant.

Now it’s a different story. I love training at my home fitness studio: one-on-one with a client, their choice of music and a great view. We’re situated on a 5 acre lot and my studio looks out onto my wife’s vegetable garden. (See pic below.) It’s not facing a parking lot, busy street or office building. Aiming southwest there is a lot of natural sunlight and my clients often comment on how relaxed and energized they are. I feel the same way, so I workout in my studio too. Must be all the green and fresh air.

Heather’s garden from my fitness studio.