When I started lifting weights over 25 years ago, I trained “old school”. Free weights (dumbbells and barbells) and a multi-station gym. Ahh, I can still remember the brown vinyl covering the padded seats and benches as well as the grinding sound the weight stack made. Like workout equipment, my approach to resistance exercises has also evolved. I focus on safety, fun, adherence and results. Incorporating a BOSU (stands for BOth Sides Up) into your exercise program will add creativity and help target core muscles. If you think balancing on one leg is a challenge, then try it on the BOSU dome-side up. It’s one of my favorite exercises. Not difficult enough for you? Then try leg squats dome-side down. When my clients finish either of the exercises and step onto the floor they often comment how grounded and balanced they feel. Why? Different muscles are working to keep you from falling. One of the best features about the BOSU is its durability and longevity. So unless you’re wearing track & field spikes, it should practically last forever.