Balance Personal Training is pleased to announce our newest team member, Roy Philip Foxman. Roy was hired on Sunday March 11th @ 4:35am. I know that seems pretty early to start, but he was raring to go. I was excited that he arrived early (official due date March 17th), because that showed a lot of initiative. We met at my home fitness studio. After reviewing his resume (7 lbs) and qualifications (20 1/2 inches) he was immediately promoted to junior assistant marketing director. He will be supervised by Bruce Foxman, who has been with Balance Personal Training for 5 years. They both will be under the watchful eye of our senior marketing manager, Kyle Foxman, who has the most experience with over 8 years in the industry.

On a more serious note, as a father for the 3rd time, I am absolutely overjoyed. Roy is a blessing. He reminds me of the simple things in life like a hug and a warm blanket. Just looking at him and even thinking of him makes me smile. That should remind us all to love and take care of each other. It’s easy to get distracted by the urgent over the important. And while Heather and I may not be getting as much sleep as we’d like, it’s all about balance.