I’ve been interested in suspension systems for a while. They are cost-effective, portable, take up little room and offer a variety of exercises using bodyweight. Words like “core strength” and “stability” immediately come to mind. With systems like LifelineUSA XT Jungle Gym, a pushup, plank or inverted row, require the whole body. And unlike most workout machines, there are no chest pads, back rests, seats or foot boards. You create the stability. To adjust the amount of weight you push or pull, all you need to do is change your body angle or position. A pushup, for example, can be performed by both beginners and elite athletes. A beginner might position their body at 60 degrees while an individual with a higher fitness level might position their body at 20 degrees.

Installment of the LifelineUSA XT Jungle Gym is straightforward. There are easy-to-follow directions and excellent customer service. Anchors attach firmly to a wall or ceiling using four screws and washers. Remember, you need to drill them into the studs. My Jungle Gym XT is suspended from the ceiling. There is also an instructional video describing the product (I learned that each anchor is rated to handle over 300 pounds.) and demonstrating a few beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. The other day I played around with the suspension system and found it challenging. It’s similar to the difference between exercise machines and free weights. I was surprised how shaky I was with some of the exercises, but like anything, this was new to me. By changing up my body angle, foot stance or arm position I was able to make adjustments safely and quickly. Soon I’ll demo a few Jungle Gym exercises for you.