Eggs have gotten a bad wrap due to their fat content and cholesterol levels. As a result, carton egg whites and egg substitutes have become more popular in the last two decades. I remember eating quite a few of the refrigerated Egg Beaters during my body building years. Created in 1994, they were fat-free and had low or no cholesterol. Takes me back to the days of fat-free diets . . . and rice cakes. Of course, we could make rice cakes taste better by spreading on cream cheese or lots of peanut butter. Defeats the purpose, huh? That’s how I feel about real eggs. It’s real nutrition. One egg has 6 grams of protein, some healthy unsaturated fats and is a good source of choline (linked with preserving memory) and lutein (may protect against vision loss).

My boys love eating hard-boiled eggs. The yolk is prized above all things. It’s rich, satisfying and has many nutrients. The problem with many man-made low-fat foods is that we’re never satisfied. And where’s the taste? We’re always searching for it. So we eat more. In my opinion, a veggie egg white omelette may be lighter, but an omelette with real eggs is tastier and more satisfying.

Here’s a tip to long-lasting weight loss: Don’t deprive yourself. Include foods in your diet that are satisfying. Otherwise, you’ll keep searching (ie: eating and drinking) until you’re stuffed. Does that make sense? I’m not suggesting that you eat cheesecake, bacon or a dozen scrambled eggs every day. But a couple bites of richer foods will often nip cravings in the bud.

The question that often arises regarding eggs is “Are eggs bad for me?” Unfortunately this is the wrong question. Instead we need to ask “How many eggs are you eating?”, “How are they prepared?”, “What else are you eating?” and “What activities are you doing?” We need to look at the bigger picture of your health and fitness and not single out specific foods.

It’s exciting to wake up in the morning, walk out to my chicken coop and gather eggs. Free of hormones and antibiotics, they also free range. We’re trying to get closer to our food and be more self-sufficient. Below is a pic of our first egg and two of our chickens, Parsley (Speckled Sussex) and Sage (Buff Orpington).

Do you remember?
I’m a chicken hawk and I’m gunna get me some chickens!!!
I say, I say there boy! These here, I say these here, are egg-laying chickens.