I don’t train as heavy as I use to. It’s not that it takes longer for my body to recuperate compared to training twenty years ago. It’s just that the constant bombardment of heavy weights takes a toll on joints, tendons and muscles. Nowadays my workouts are focused more on full body exercises emphasizing variety and form. This past Friday I was having a great workout. After 30 minutes on the recumbent bicycle followed by some dynamic stretches, I started with relatively light weights. I do this to see how my body responds. Gradually, I increased the weights and my intensity. 45 minutes into my resistance workout, instead of feeling fatigued, I was feeling stronger with each set. Maybe it was the two cups of coffee. So I went upstairs and asked Heather to grab the camera and video my final sequence of exercises. Was this a good idea? Should I be pushing my body more than usual? “Overdoing it” is my middle name, and I didn’t want to damage myself. Two car accidents and several sports-related injuries can rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune time. Plus I knew that I had a tennis match the following day. But, hey, I was feeling great! It was time to go for it. I decided to do three exercises in sequence: incline dumbbell chest press, 1-arm dumbbell row and dumbbell squats with 80lb dumbbells. At 5’7″ and weighing 160lbs, that’s not too bad for a little guy. Enjoy!