I remember the first time I used the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set. It was in a small workout room of a hotel over twenty years ago. The room consisted of one treadmill, a recumbent bicycle, an adjustable bench and one multi-station exercise machine. Instead of one or two racks of dumbbells, a pair of PowerBlock Dumbbells rested on a stand in the corner. Before making any adjustments, I gripped the handles “inside” the blocks and lifted them off the stand. I noticed that they had a different feel compared to the normal round or hexagon-shaped dumbbells. They felt solid and compact. There was no “tippy” feeling you sometimes get with regular dumbbells where the weights are the ends of the handle. The PowerBlock is designed like a Russian nesting doll. With a quick and simple adjustment, you can lift heavier or lighter weights. I did a variety of exercises: biceps curls, chest presses, 1-arm rows, side shoulder raises and triceps extensions. When I was done lifting, I set them back on their stand. I nodded in approval. That was a good investment by the hotel.

If you’re looking for exercise equipment for your home and don’t want to spend a lot of money, these are a wise choice. Most dumbbells cost $1-2 per pound. So if you were looking to buy pairs of dumbbells from 5lbs to 50lbs at 5 lb increments, you’d pay between $550-1100. These cost around $300. If you want heavier, they also come in 70lbs and 90lbs. They are convenient and a real space saver too. Buying regular dumbbells are nice if you have a multi-tier rack and a place to put them. You just need to ask yourself where you planned to put 20 pairs of dumbbells? The PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set takes up very little space and won’t roll away from you. It’s a good buy.