In the 19 years that I have been personal training professionally and the 28+ years that I have been working out, I have not taken a supplement like this before. If you asked me about nutritional supplements I’d suggest a plant-based multivitamin, purified Omega-3 fish oil and Vitamin D supplement. And I still do. When it came to sports or exercise performance, however, I steered away from the caffeine-based supplements that were packed with exotic-sounding herbs. In the past, I have tried some of these pre-workout supplements. The result? A racing heart and jittery feeling afterwards.

I’m still a firm believer in first making adjustments to diet, sleep and the workout routine before heading over to the local nutrition store and buying the first container on the shelf that has a lightning bolt or a picture of ripped abs on the label. Now if you’re looking for that extra in your workout, I can confidently recommend Infinite Labs Juggernaut Hp. I bought a small container a couple weeks ago and tried it the very next day. The results were not what I expected but exactly what I hoped for. I had more energy and endurance, and my elbow and shoulder joints felt better too. Was this a placebo effect? In the past, I’ve overdone it in the gym trying to lift heavier and heavier each time. In the last decade, I’ve matured and have scaled back the intensity and heavy weights and now focus more on movement, range of motion and muscular endurance. Needless to say, after taking this supplement I felt like I could keep going and going. Move over, Energizer Bunny. I did a variety of exercises, and each time I increased the weights. I figured at some point I would start to fatigue, but that didn’t happen. I was done working out when I decided to be done rather than dragging myself out the door.

Afterwards, I emailed my big brother, who kind of looks like a juggernaut . . . or as my grandfather would say “He’s built like a brick s#%t house.” Ken was the one who told me about the supplement so I gave him the lo-down about my workout performance. I also asked him about the reduced joint pain. FYI I’ve had numerous sports-related injuries and was involved in a couple car accidents. Nowadays as long as I am properly warmed up and don’t try to break any records, I’m good-to-go. Ken’s email was short and to the point. As a matter of fact, it was two words. “Every time.” What he meant was that it wasn’t my imagination that my joints felt good and that my muscular endurance was off the charts. That’s what the supplement was suppose to do. The other added benefit was better recovery. Sometimes when I push myself harder than usual in the gym, I experience more and longer delayed muscle soreness and sometimes my joints/tendons are stiff too. After taking Infinite Labs Juggernaut Hp this hasn’t happened. I’ve used the supplement a few times and have resigned myself to the fact that it works. Or maybe the stars are aligned and I’m finally hitting my peak at almost 42 years of age.

Definition of “Juggernaut”: a huge, powerful overwhelming force.