Assorted Eggs: 1 dozen

This past spring, we picked up eight more chickens. They started laying in October and have been very consistent. Our hens have a diet of poultry layer feed, scratch (corn and wheat berries) and kitchen scraps like apple cores, celery, kale ribs and carrots. When weather permits, they have supervised free ranging (sounds like setting up a playdate for my kids). That means they eat bugs, worms and insects on our property where we use NO pesticides or insecticides.

We feel it’s important to treat them well and give them a good life. They’re providing food for us, so we should take good care of them, right? We handle our chickens daily. Not only is it relaxing and reassuring to them, but it is somewhat therapeutic for us as well.

Our chickens are not stuck in a tiny cage all day. As a matter of fact, they live in a large coop that can be best described as a split-level condo development. Heather and I built it to include cozy nesting boxes and several perches. Heather recently installed plexi-glass so they can enjoy morning daylight (we also have a light set on a timer during the winter months). Under the coop, there is an enclosed area if they want to get outside but still feel protected from the elements. A 3-gallon waterer sits on a heater to keep their water from freezing. Last but not least, their coop is surrounded by a fenced in enclosure, which includes deer netting across the top to prevent swooping hawks or climbing critters.

As you can see in the pic, we have a variety of egg colors. If you’re wondering, YES, these eggs taste better than the regular ones from the store. The yolks are darker and richer tasting, which reflects their diet. These are not 100% certified organic, but we’re pretty close. Give me a call or email if you’re interested.

1 dozen = $4.50. 1/2 dozen = $2.25.
Pick up only.