He never changes his expression. He doesn’t smile or even say “Hello” when I enter my studio. He just stares, his gaze fixed upon an imaginary opponent. Yup, that’s Century┬« BOB.
BOB is great for all of your striking disciplines, and you don’t have to be Jean Claude Van Damme to practice on him either. But you have to admit JCVD’s spinning kick is pretty cool.

Unlike a heavy bag, which is primarily used for developing power and feeling impact, striking with BOB will help you improve speed, coordination, timing, distance, precision and cardio. He looks intimidating too, which helps create an emotional response. This is particularly important if you’re training for self defense. Remember, BOB is a training tool. Something to incorporate into your striking routine. He’s not intended to replace shadow boxing training or working on the speed bag. Those have their own advantages too.

I do a 15-minute boxing routine with BOB. (I’ll post a short video soon.) It begins with a series of jabs to his body and head. Then I incorporate crosses and hooks. Finally I add uppercuts and multi-punch combinations. It’s a good thing he can’t punch back :-) Striking makes the body work in different ways. For me the focus is about movement, balance and staying loose. In order to be effective and safe, your body must make numerous adjustments. As you throw punches and/or kicks, you have to shift your body weight, move your feet, turn your hips, etc. It’s a fun workout and a great addition to your exercise routine. And don’t forget to always wear proper gloves to protect your hands and wrists.