Getting a written testimonial from a client is always rewarding. It’s like a big thank you and reminds me why I have been personal training for twenty-two years. But getting a testimonial from a fellow wellness professional is even more meaningful to me. I’m just going to cut to the chase and share what Robb Seal, Licensed Massage Therapist, recently sent me. Not to pat myself on the back, but I’m feeling pretty good right about now. Here you go!

“After being introduced to Eric Foxman at a business social function earlier this spring, I was truly impressed with his optimistic personality and obvious knowledge base. So, I decided to give Balance Personal Training a try. What a great decision! I had an amazing experience working out with Eric, as he makes sessions both informative and entertaining. His command of diverse training styles and fitness philosophies enables a constantly creative approach that promises appropriate, effective variations on tried-and-true exercise routines. You’ll never get bored doing the same things over and over again. His emphasis on smooth control and attentiveness to form and detail ensures sustainability, durability and a steady improvement of strength and fitness rather than the “raw power”, “no pain no gain” approach that leads inevitably to injury.

The facilities are modern and tidy, with ample equipment to allow complexity and variety in the workout, as well as privacy and cleanliness in the transition to and from the real world.

After just one workout, I could tell that Eric was committed to being a partner in helping me improve my well-being. He is prompt and thorough with follow-up, and will happily keep you posted about new ideas and relevant health topics. Check out Balance Personal Training if you want to take the step toward long-term better health and fitness!”

Robb Seal
Robb Seal, Owner of Premier Bodywork LLC