I don’t often toot my own horn, but I like to share a new client testimonial every once in a while. Here is one from Steven P of Madison. 

“I enthusiastically recommend Eric.  I’m a  68-year old man, fairly active, but have been looking to improve my strength and flexibility. I sought a routine which I could perform at home.  Eric gave me a wide variety of exercises which were tailored to my goals and  modest ability.  He devised a comprehensive routine which incorporated the equipment  I already had available to me, but also introduced me to some other equipment that I could potentially use as well.  He ensured that I was using the proper form and technique while performing the exercises so as to avoid injury. He answered all my questions, and his experience and expertise were very useful in sorting through all the advice one might find on the internet.   The sessions were very enjoyable and worthwhile!  — Steven P.”