Exercising in the Cold

Stating the obvious, Wisconsin winters are different than Southern California winters. During my first “real” winter, I quickly learned that if I wanted to exercise outdoors, proper clothing was essential. Back in California I never owned a winter hat, a scarf, gloves, ear muffs, or wool socks. Now I own a few of each. Remember, your clothes act as insulators by trapping warm air. Just be sure to choose materials that allow sweat to pass through. Why? If your clothes can’t provide a layer of “dry” air near the skin, they will increase the amount of heat your body loses as you exercise. Nowadays it’s easy to find many moisture wicking garments from socks to shirts. And don’t forget to protect your ears (earmuffs), eyes (sunglasses or goggles), and neck (scarf). So whether you’re shoveling the driveway, snow-shoeing, or having a snowball fight, stay warm and enjoy the winter.