I recently received a testimonial from a client, and it absolutely made my day. You might think that after 20 years of personal training it wouldn’t mean as much. But it does. I have worked with hundreds of people over the years and a positive review still puts a smile on my face. And this one was no exception. Especially since Taylor and I trained for ONLY one session. We had spoken briefly over the phone and he emailed my Exercise & Attitude Questionnaire and Health History Form before meeting. So between our conversation and the forms, I had a pretty clear picture of his health and fitness goals.

There are two reasons why we were so effective working together. First, Taylor was well organized. He didn’t just stand there and ask “What am I suppose to do?” He clearly explained his goals, reviewed his current exercise program, and demonstrated various stretches and lifts for me. Second, he was open to my feedback and criticism. And as he said, he was willing to put his fitness goals in my hands. So when I gave him a suggestion, he knew that I had his best interest at heart. In the short time we had together, we built good rapport and were able to cover a lot of territory. The word “efficacy” comes to mind. We didn’t waste any time, and we were very effective and efficient. You notice that I said “We”. That’s because Personal Training is a two-way street. I can’t just will my clients to exercise and eat healthier. They have to be in the right mind set and willing to take the necessary steps. From the beginning, Taylor knew that I was in his corner.

Here’s his Testimonial.

“I worked with Eric to ensure I was using good form on the barbell training program I am using. Eric gave me great advice on form, and also advised me on several accessory exercises that I have incorporated into my lifting program. The shoulder stability exercises he showed me have been especially helpful, and my shoulders are feeling better and more mobile every week. On his advice, I have also incorporated more dumbbell work to my barbell work to target imbalances and core strength. Eric was great to work with and gave me lots to think about in designing my program, avoiding injury, and how to align my lifting routine with the broader goals of my life. In the 5 weeks since working with him I’ve made good gains in my “working set” weight for all of my major lifts (~30 pounds to bench, ~40 pounds to squat, ~50 pounds to deadlift, ~30 pounds to rows), and I’ve gained 2 pounds of muscle. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for guidance on how to live a healthier, fitter life.” — Taylor W, Madison WI