Hi, my name is Eric Foxman, and I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1995. As a fitness professional and corporate speaker, I have a passion for helping people achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. What is most rewarding to me is to see a client develop a healthy body image, improved self-confidence, and enhanced body awareness.

After several years of a sedentary lifestyle, it was time to “get in shape”. Initially, I chose to work with Eric with the the goal of a rigorous workout regime. After a year and a half of Eric’s training, we have developed a holistic program that recognizes both my strengths and weaknesses while providing achievable goals. This approach has allowed me to create physical consistency that I trust will last a lifetime. And, in case you’re wondering, Eric will kick your a#! if that is your goal.

Ed Linville, Madison WI
I worked with Eric to ensure I was using good form on the barbell training program I am using. Eric gave me great advice on form, and also advised me on several accessory exercises that I have incorporated into my lifting program. The shoulder stability exercises he showed me have been especially helpful, and my shoulders are feeling better and more mobile every week. On his advice, I have also incorporated more dumbbell work to my barbell work to target imbalances and core strength. Eric was great to work with and gave me lots to think about in designing my program, avoiding injury, and how to align my lifting routine with the broader goals of my life. In the 5 weeks since working with him I’ve made good gains in my “working set” weight for all of my major lifts (~30 pounds to bench, ~40 pounds to squat, ~50 pounds to deadlift, ~30 pounds to rows), and I’ve gained 2 pounds of muscle. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for guidance on how to live a healthier, fitter life
Taylor W, Madison WI
Eric is a class act, and completely changed my view on both exercising with a trainer and exercise in general. Eric’s use of many different exercises kept me guessing but also made exercise fun and enjoyable. He always tried his best to gauge my fitness level with the heaviness of the weights and kept it so that it was a challenge for me, but it was not too heavy. Eric’s first and foremost interest lies in the word and concept of “safety”. Eric does his best to protect his client’s existing state of health before trying to ameliorate their physical fitness. Workouts rarely ever get boring with Eric telling amusing stories on the side and his highly contagious sense of humor. Training for two months with Eric, I lost upwards of 10 pounds and gained more strength than I would have gained training by myself. If eating properly to start, I could have easily lost another five pounds. Eric is a true professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to either get stronger, lose weight or both.
Isaac Smith, Ottawa, Ontario
As an employer we’re always trying to show our appreciation to employees in a meaningful and personal way. We invited Eric to conduct a workshop on health, resiliency and stress. WOW was it well received! The Big Brothers Big Sisters team truly appreciated the opportunity to gain knowledge and helpful tips on taking care of themselves.
Dora E. Zuniga, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County
I won a free session with Eric at a silent auction. Although it was only one session I learned a great deal. I was impressed with how fast and effective Eric was able to fit my needs. I am a runner and he instantly geared the workout to enhance my running performance. Eric showed me many strength moves that I can do at home and also many stretches that I feel will positively assist me in avoiding injury as I train for a half marathon. The session was very motivating and the time flew by! I also learned great tips for eating healthy and building strength . . . it was nice to hear it put simply rather then focusing on a “diet”! A very worthwile session and I would recommend him to anyone!
Claudette Zweifel, Monona, WI
My personal experience with diets had always been negative and after an umpteenth rollercoaster/fad diet failure in high school (many moons ago!) I swore I would never diet again. I was skeptical at first, but their weight management program made so much common sense that I decided, after all this time being anti-diet, to give it a try. The results have been quick and painless. It’s a common sense solution to a common problem and, with Eric’s help, I finally feel like I have the formula for success! It focuses on getting off the rollercoaster pattern of weight loss and gain, and emphasizes keeping the weight off for good! So far, I have lost over 20 pounds and am on track to lose 20 more. My energy level and self-confidence have greatly increased and I have Eric to thank for this! I do not hesitate to recommend Balance Personal Training to friends and colleagues. Thank you Balance!
Nicole Ralph, Waunakee WI